These are services that I provide to clients.

Web Design
Web site design, layout & development for small businesses & non-profits.
Social Media
Social media marketing & networking via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
Search Engine Optimization
Text optimization to insure that your site is well-indexed and is easily found by search engines.
Client Tutoring
Learn how to make changes to your own site & to your Social Media accounts.
Online Strategy Development
Development of step-by-steps plans to help businesses get the greatest benefit their online presence.
Graphic Design
Creation of logos, identity, advertising design, social media design, icons & buttons.
Internet Marketing
Strategic management of Pay-Per-Click ads, banner ads, Google AdWords, etc.
Content Development
Development of search-friendly, user-friendly web content that describes your business properly.
Content Management
Development of WordPress-driven web sites that allow you to easily edit your own content.
E-Commerce & Membership
Development of online stores, product showcases & membership web sites.
Usability Consulting
Development of user testing plans to guide development of the best online experience for your clients.
Competitor Evaluations
Evaluations of competitor's Social Media Marketing efforts & search engine ranking factors.

Prospective Clients: To get started, please download & return my
Web Site Development Questionnaire (PDF).


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